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About us

Our Clinic

We are a private pregnancy ultrasound scanning clinic, specialising in non-diagnosic, 2d,3d and 4d scans, using our top of the range technology. We provide various scan options to suit your needs depending on the gestation of your pregnancy, for example; from early pregnancy scanning, gender determination to exciting, memorable 3D/4D experience packages. We also offer last minute scanning for those worried parents to be, seeking reassurance.

Our Vision

Individually we have a passion for providing excellent customer service and providing a special experience for pregnant couples. We have both worked for the NHS in a healthcare and administration capacity, we therefore have a unique understanding and drive for outstanding patient care with upmost importance. We pride ourselves in providing a relaxing, enjoyable yet professional atmosphere and want our customers to feel as at home as possible. We provide complimentary refreshments to all of our customers.

Meet the Owners

Clare and Pamela have been best friends since their first day of nursery many years ago now and bounce off each other in a way that makes them working together very successful. Clare is a qualified registered nurse with 9 years experience of working for the NHS. Her passion for patient care is second to none. Having recently had a baby and experienced first hand a 3D/4D Ultrasound scan, Clare understands what a special experience it is, which enabled her and her husband to bond with their unborn son.

Pamela has over 14 years experience working in office administration and most recently has worked in a scanning clinic as the office manager. Prior to this she worked within the NHS as well as the private sector for women’s health, which focussed on Obstetrics and Fertility services and therefore has gained significant experience and knowledge in this area.

Our Scanner

We have invested in the best technology to ensure you are provided with the best quality images, to enable you to bond with your baby. The Mindray DC-70 with ILive is top of its class and encompasses a range of cutting edge technologies to capture flawless, 2D, 3D and 4D images in high definition. We are also the first scanning clinic in Hertfordshire to provide, downloads of images straight to your android or IOS device, allowing you to have access to your precious babys images anywhere and anytime.